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Kingdom Minded Entrepreneur,

Our Coaches help you to gain peace for your increase. 

We believe that the biggest reason that most christian business builders feel stuck or hit ceilings is because of  the confusion between what is ministry and what is business. How do I have clarity as to what is my service unto God and what is the service that I offer in the market place?

You’ll work with us to successfully breakthrough those limiting beliefs that may have been associated between “doing business and doing ministry”.  We’ll help you to overcome  fears, mindset challenges, and more so that you can build the business that God has placed in your heart.

After you have your initial breakthrough through those  mindset barriers, we then begin coaching you through the process of monetizing your skillset and launching your products and services.  We have a four point framework that will help you to gain the confidence that you need to successfully launch.  Our coaches have over 20 years of experience as successful entrepreneurs.

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Key Coaching Insights



She is a licensed therapist, Business Mindset coach, speaker, and author that has a gifting for making the process/journey to discovering your goals exciting & engaging.  She is just the right blend of coachtrainermotivator, and cheerleader.  She continues to strive diligently to allow God to stretch her especially when helping others. Stephanie has combined her skill set as a Certified Professional Life Coach, licensed therapist,  successful business owner, wife, and mother of two boys to assist her in skillfully meeting people where they “ARE” and rendering unto them SERVICE that can help them go where they “Dream!”  Her clients and audiences have often referred to her as a “breath of fresh air.”  Stephanie truly believes that there is a world out there that we can make a difference in one life at a time.  As your Business Mindset Coach, Stephanie will help you keep your processes and systems simple; so that you don’t struggle with overwhelm and anxiety.  She will also challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, stand next to you while you make those steps, and hold you accountable as you prepare to launch your vision.


He is a licensed Occupational Therapist and successful business owner with an extensive background in personal training.  He is a certified sports coach and has coached several championship seasons.  He has worked in Ministerial Counseling for over 10 years and specializes in business and relationship mentoring.  He is one of the most driven, fun-loving coaches that you will ever meet.  His main objective is “How can I add value to your Life?”

He loves challenging his clients to help them build leadership skills, business acumen, and team building. He prides himself as being your good FRIEND  through the entire journey and for Life.  His adventurous spirit epitomizes the very core value of our company, which is, let’s move… it’s time to start Finally Living!

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When you grab your Free Daily Devotional, you’ll start meditating daily on God’s principles for wealth and stewardship.  You’ll also receive a few short videos and exercises to help you make application with the Word of God and each daily devotion is accompanied by a beautifully designed graphic.

Helping Kingdom Minded Entrepreneurs utilize actionable steps to align their thought life with The Word of God and then launch profitable kingdom businesses utilizing our proven 4 pillar Kingdom Launch Model.