Bringing your message to the marketplace

Our Kingdom Launch Small Group Coaching Program is designed to help you stop doing business alone! Even Jesus had 12 disciples.  So, you should not be in this business building process alone either. You’ll learn our proven 4 phase Kingdom Launch Model.  During each phase you receive live coaching, a step by step plan, instructions for implementation, checklists, and more.

No more feeling like you are a one woman show.  Our team is now your team.  As you launch with our team right beside you, you’ll feel the stress and worry of being a solo-preneur lifted off of you. Yes, you actually do your live launch with us!  It is such an amazing experience to not just consume information but to actually launch your products and services.

We usually offer our small group coaching sessions twice per year. They consist of 10-12 weeks of sessions. These sessions are “live” online via Zoom or StreamYard. Our goal is to help you you feel confident, have less stress, and create a $5 figure launch. The Kingdom Launch Group Coaching program is truly like no other program in the market! 

Want to confidently build a business that’s profitable and glorifies God? Our 1-1 coaching helps amazing Kingdom Minded Entrepreneurs get out of their heads, stop overthinking, stop giving in to perfectionism, and build their vision!  

See, we realize that there are so many entrepreneurs that are brilliant and have wonderful business models but they are often blocked by their thoughts surrounding the how to’s of tech, the perceived complexities of system integrations, and the seemingly never ending vast marketing platforms.  Often it is these types of blocks surrounding tech and perfectionism that can keep you as a kingdom entrepreneur, stuck and frustrated; preventing you from having those 5 and 6 figure launches.

So, during our 1-1 coaching we not only walk you through our Kingdom Launch model but we also provide you with tech training and guided hands on implementation that will help you to stop stressing over tech overwhelm and wondering how to figure out all of this online stuff!

During your 12 weeks of coaching we launch your products and services together.  We map out your plan, create your sales funnel, and help you put the technology integrations together.  And the best part is that you are also provided with a coach who will serve as one of your team members during your launch.

Say Good-bye Solo-preneur! 

During your official launch week one of our Coaches or VA’s will work with you; serving as part of your administration team, tech support team member, or as your guest expert. Our clients love this part of the Kingdom Launch!

Our 1-1 Kingdom Launch Coaching is our most sought after program. 

Enrolling is easy, simply schedule your Plan 2 Prosper Call.

On that call we’ll begin working on your written customized launch plan and if you decide to move forward with the 1-1 Coaching then that consult call fee will serve as a part of your deposit for enrollment into our 1-1 Kingdom Launch Coaching program.


Mindset and Business Coaching

Wondering what it would really be like to work with a Business Mindset Coach?

Have you ever felt like you were plagued by the fear of rejection, fear of failure, wondering whether you were good enough, or if people will really pay for your services?  Maybe you’ve felt like you just can’t seem to gain traction or stay consistent in your business practices.

These kinds of thoughts are common as an entrepreneur. 

Business Mindset Coaching can be a valuable tool to help you overcome these types of emotional constructs and limiting beliefs.  Each of our coaching programs have fun unique exercises and activities that will help you create a healthier thought life while building a profitable business that glorifies God. 

Your business will never go where your mind doesn’t go first…Business Mindset Coaching can help you to gain clarity and problem solve through challenges that may be blocking you from your desired outcome in life and/or business.

As a Kingdom Minded Entrepreneur we believe that it is important to begin with a thorough examination of our thoughts, so as to determine whether or not they are causing a gap between what God has shown us is to be our business and what our business actually looks like at the present moment. 

When working with one of our Business Mindset Coaches you’ll take a deep dive into learning how to be a result driven entrepreneur and how to rid yourself of ineffective belief systems. It’s time to create a healthy thought life, Mind His Business, and build a profitable business that glorifies God!


Helping Kingdom Minded Entrepreneurs utilize actionable steps to align their thought life with The Word of God and then launch profitable kingdom businesses utilizing our proven 4 pillar Kingdom Launch Model.